About Us

We are constantly evaluating our product to find ways where we can improve and delight customers!

Our definition of success differs from the norm, and we uphold exceptionally high standards. We want our hoses to be RESILIENT, STRONG, SUPERIOR Quality, TOUGH, LIGHT WEIGHT, DURABLE, Rust-proof, Flexible, Dog Chew Proof, Crush Rust and Thorn-proof, Pet-proof, Puncture-proof, and outperform any you’ve ever used in your garden. We stand behind this mission by making sure this is the last (and best) metal garden hose that you will need to buy for lawn watering! And that there will be a new boss in the yard.

We carefully selected the name Tardigrade for this stainless steel garden hose. Our product embodies the characteristic of the Tardigrades, known as water bears. Tardigrades are among the most resilient animals known, with individual species able to survive extreme conditions—such as exposure to extreme temperatures and extreme pressures. We deeply admire what the barrel-shaped resilient species of the tardigrade represents. We believe in thinking and expressing ourselves differently. These principles are rooted within our brand. We challenged ourselves to create a strong, long-lasting, simple to use, and garden-friendly hose. You’re going to absolutely LOVE this product!

Our hose is built using advanced technology design to interconnect the stainless steel. Tardigrade Steel Hose is extremely light-weight and made from solid stainless steel. It's great to use outdoors on multiple home applications including gardening, watering, car washing, house washing, pressure washing, disinfecting areas and much more!

- Completely Remove the section showing the Tardigrade Steel Hose - Short Garden Hose 3 FT

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